WP All Import Pro – Teams & More

Importing a bulk upload of team members (or other bulk content) into the system is easy using the WP All Import PRO plugin. The PRO plugin is required so we can match our custom fields. Info on license, etc. is in the Key Team Info area of Teamwork.

The core structure of a Team import would be

[table id=1 /]

Download: Sample Basic Team Import File (CSV)

You can identify additional fields to import via Inspect Element.

The typical settings on basic WP All Import for a Team Member should be saved as a template. Teams can be imported by category or multiple. You will need to go back in and add bios, featured images, etc. to specific team members, but this saves a ton of time.

Here’s a screenshot of the IMPORT settings within WP All Import

WP All Import Team Template Settings

Cutting and pasting content from a webpage, into Excel, is typically the easiest way to create the originating CSV.