Theme General Options


Logo Image

Upload the primary logo image. Be sure other height and display settings are adjusted (primarily in “Header” section) to meet needs of logo size.

Sticky Header Logo Image

Sticky Header Custom Logo Image – Overwrites main logo on sticky nav, typically needs to be smaller height.

Mobile Navigation Logo Image

Mobile/Full Width Custom Logo Image – Overwrites main logo on mobile nav, typically needs to look good to left of menu icon.

Favicon Image

Favicon 16x16px .png image.

Apple Icons

Icons for all apple devices (180x180px – important!)

Formatted Site Title

The site title which appears in the header as well as Site Info footer, etc.

Official Address

Appears in Site Info footer, etc.

Enable Donate Button

Differently styled menu item at the end of the primary navigation, may be used for any need. Change the text “Donate” to anything you desire by editing the Donate Button Text and then adjusting the link (internal or external) with the Donate Button Link