Navigation & Utility Icon Cheat Sheet

A quick tutorial on adding icons to navigation items, especially the utility navigation

Icon html elements are in the form: <i class="icon-fdmu icon-firefighter"> </i>

You can replace ‘icon-firefighter’ with any of the following:Menus ‹ Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company — WordPress

  • icon-firefighter
  • icon-firetruck
  • icon-flame
  • icon-arrow
  • icon-camera
  • icon-camera-alt
  • icon-radio
  • icon-star
  • icon-chevron
  • icon-ambulance
  • icon-firehat
  • icon-news
  • icon-respond

Additional icons are being added soon.

If you want to use these for the menu items, enter the classes in the menu area in the format: icon-fdmu icon-star. To put the icon after the text also add the class icon-after. For the utility menu you will have to use icon-after for the layout to work.

For example: icon-fdmu icon-star icon-after