Theme Header Options


Select Header Style

  • Option 1: Left Justified Logo
  • Option 2: Center Justified Logo w/Split Nav
  • Option 3: Left Justified Logo w/Top Nav
  • Option 4: Wider Logo/Icon

Site Color Title

If you are using a text only title, select the color via the Color Picker.

Header Background

Select the background image you’d like to use for your header. Width should match based on boxed or full width layout. This is the image behind the logo and nav elements, or IS the actual full header of the desktop/tablet version of the Website if you disable/hide (later) the logo/site title.

Hide Logo

Will disable the logo from appearing on desktop/tablet. A logo should still be available for other display points on the site including the footer and mobile menus.

Hide Site Title

Hide displaying site title if using full header background or other means to display department/company name

Header Height

The height of the entire header. Minimum is 140, maximum is 400. Default and ideal is 250.

Full Width Navigation

Set whether the site’s navigation goes full page width. Default is no.

Transparent Navbar Background

Select whether you want the background of the navbar to be transparent.

Menu Position

Select whether the primary menu is left, right or center justified.

Show Menu Dividers

Show or hide menu dividers in the primary navigation.

Navbar Height

Select the height of the primary navigation bar.

Submenu Arrow

Enable/Disable menu item arrows if menu item has submenu.

Twitter Feed

Enable/Disable Twitter feed in search bar. Twitget plugin must be enabled. See Settings => Twitget for Twitter options.

Search Bar

Enable/disable the search bar in the header. If you disable, be sure to consider placing in footer, sidebar or otherwise depending on depth of content of the Website.

Other Options

The “Header” settings menu also has sub-options to Show/Hide the Sticky Header and the style, enable a “Top Bar” with corresponding Text (WYSIWG Editor available) and show/hide the “Full Screen/Mobile Navigation” — turned off by default.