Advanced Post Types Order

fefwefewfefewf The Advanced Post Types Order plugin allows us to order team, fleet and other elements at the category/sub-category and other taxonomy term level. This is useful if someone’s rank changes for instance and they need to shift on the leadership page, or a new apparatus is added and the order of apparatus on a station page needs a specific order (just two examples). When the appropriate plugin is enabled, you’ll see a “Re-Order” link under the appropriate content type in the primary left admin navigation (see example image).

Setting Up Saved Criteria

You will want to create a Criteria Set for each sort type you want to do (Chiefs, Board Members, Officers, etc) and save it.

IMPORTANT: You CANNOT have conflicting setups. If you want to establish an order for “Past Chiefs” for example, as an order, it can only exist once.


  • Under Query Rules, select your Post Type
  • Select “Show Advanced” to sort by category (not just post type)
  • Select your Taxonomy (one or more)
  • Under Interface, add a Title that is easy to remember, i.e. “Board of Directors” with a description if desired
  • Be sure “Menu Location” matches the content type you’re looking to do the sort in
  • Review other options as needed, mostly the basic settings can stay
  • Hit “Settings Update” when done
  • A new tab will display for each custom Query created

Setting Up Saved Criteria

Once you’ve saved a search, the options to sort content that match the search will display. You can sort by various ways or “drag and drop” to manually select the order.