New Features in v1.4.0

Here’s a quick update of What’s New in Version 1.4.0, based on the Changelog.

Updated core theme to include required/optional plugins

A list of required and optional plugins will now appear when the theme is added to a new install.

Upgrade core Elise theme to 1.3.7

Elise was updated to Version 1.3.7. This (and Version 1.3.6) updated the WooCommerce compatibility, upgraded Visual Composer to 5.1, Revolution Slider to 5.4.1 and the Redux framework to

Added option for single news title layout

This option allows you to set, on a site by site basis, the location of the post title above or below the featured image.
This is under the Blog > Single Blog Page in the Fire Departments admin area.

Change “Sitewide Announcement” option to pull in “page” content to allow for Visual Composer use, separate mobile option

The Sitewide Announcement adds emergency or critical notifications (about events, etc) to the top full width of the site between the header and the start of the page content. This is enabled by creating a new “page” where you can create the content you want to appear in the Sitewide header. The prior functionality was more basic and primarily text only. Now you’ll be able to us Visual Composer via the page, or just one-line of text/HTML. This allows you to also add background colors via Visual Composer (or a DIV, etc. Generally, we’d recommend creating ONE page called “Sitewide Announcement” and (if needed) “Sitewide Mobile Announcement” and you edit/publish these pages as needed, then attach them to the appropriate sitewide announcement. Be sure these pages are published BUT with SEO settings set to “NO INDEX”
This is towards the bottom of the “General” settings tab of the theme admin.

Default Team Member Image

Define a default team bio image sitewide, which will be used as a placeholder if you don’t otherwise entered a “featured image” for an individual bio/team member. This is helpful if you want to see what a page would look like with all headshots even if you do not yet have all headshots of leadership, team members, etc. Be sure to choose a placeholder image pre-launch that will blend best with the Website style, etc. Typically, headshots on groups of team members (i.e. officers, members) should be enabled when at least half of those posted have actual photo headshots. But that may vary case-by-case depending on expecting timeline of additional photos coming in, etc.
This is under the “Post Type Settings” in the Fire Departments admin area.

Recent Posts Widget New Feature – Column Based List Style

Adds option for column based list-style. Select the layout “Columns – List Style” in the FD Recent Posts widget settings. The output will look like this:

…compared to the standard “Columns” look here:

Gravity Forms Label Placement

Added functionality to core to allow easy “hiding” of the label placements in Gravity forms, below are some before and after examples:

With label placements enabled:

With label placements disabled/hidden (and placeholders for each field enabled — i.e. First Name/Last Name):

You make this adjustment on a PER FIELD basis, as shown below, in Gravity Forms